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Providing Hope for Families Touched By Autism and Attention Disorders!

Autism and Attention Disorders affect too many individuals. These parents, teachers and doctors share their experiences and how lives have changed since these solutions came into their lives.

We are committed to promoting awareness and hope to families affected. Please listen.

Stream August 31, 2013 Saturday AM Live Call with Angelique Edelen and Sandy Truax. - Quoting Vance: "The statistics for autism are climbing higher every year. Many of us have heard stories about what the Nikken solutions are doing to help families who have been impacted by this condition. Angelique Edelen & Sandy Truax are a mom and grandmother who are doing everything they can to change the future for two young men, Ben & Trent.

We've never had two passionate people with maternal instincts on the call at the same time. I thought it would be fun to capture both of these ladies together."

Stream 100millionaires.com Call, June 30, 2012.
- Hope For Autism - Trent's Story, told by Pam Barnes and Sandy Truax!

Stream Sat AM Live Call, August 15, 2009. - Angelique Edelen shares her life changing story with us. Her children have been liberated from many of the hardships caused by Autism and learning disabilities since she incorporated Nikken's Wellness Home Products into her families' lifestyle. Please share her story with the world.

Stream Sat AM Live Call, April 26, 2008. - Doug Braun gives an insightful look into the world of Autism, how his autistic daughter has come alive, and how their family life has become closer to normal, since they transitioned their home into being a Nikken Wellness Home. He also shares insights into Nikken's involvement as a Corporate Sponsor of Autism Speaks.

Stream Sat AM Live Call, March 22, 2008. - Vance interviews two parents that share their children's experiences with Autism and the Nikken Products. Shelly Roney tells about her son, Myles. Al Segala tells about his daughter, Angela. Extremely powerful testimonies of hope and joy.

Stream Sat AM Live Call, December 29, 2007. - With Autism affecting 1 out of every 150 children born in the United States, it has become a huge problem for our society. Vance learns how two families were given new life when Dutch found Nikken for his son, and Al found Nikken for his daughter.

















































Stream Sat AM Live Call with Chris and Karen Hammel, April 14, 2007. They share a little of their Nikken story. Since finding Nikken Karen has regained her health. Their son Doug, who is Autistic, has obtained a way life that has liberated both him and his family! Hear how he senses what is right for his body and how they have been able to bless thousands by sharing the business with others. Enjoy!

Stream Sat AM Live Call, July 1, 2006 . - Dr. Melaney Caldwell shares stories of children being able to eliminate their use of prescription medication for allergies, asthma, ADHD and chronic coughs. Since being introduced to Nikken five years ago she has had a profound passion to help those who have failed trying everything that Western medicine has had to offer. Results have been amazing. Melaney used to prescribe over 600 stimulants a month to her patients. Now she prescribes these fantastic products instead.

Stream Sat AM Live Call, February 10, 2007. - The Wellness Home is the flagship product that we market. What about a Wellness Classroom? Shalyn Rocha from Gallup, New Mexico is a true pioneering teacher who has done just this. She's transformed her classroom into an environment that not only benefits her, but the lives of every one of her students.

Stream the October 11, 2008 call. - Vance loves to share about education. Who better to join us than one of the original pioneers of the Wellness Classroom! Shalyn Rocha has become one of the more requested guests for the call. Previously she shared her story on the February 10, 2007 Sat AM Live Call, telling about converting her classroom into a haven of wellness for her students. It was very fascinating and inspiring to all those who heard it. Shalyn is now at a different school and is in the process of repeating what she did before. She's has a large number of great success stories about how the children were impacted by the Nikken products being in their classroom over the last two years. If you know anyone who is an educator or a parent that wants to improve their child's education, then this call is a must to listen to.

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