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Hope for Those with CP and MS


Houston Contractor John St. John was recently honored as the top home builder in the United States. Now, his portfolio is also filled with the names of people whose lives have been impacted by he and his son, Matthew's stories. Matthew had suffered with Cerebral Palsy his whole life. John's family gained a new quality of life when John transformed their new home into a Nikken Wellness Home, especially Matthew. With their new found health, along with the success of their Nikken Business, John and Matthew have found the way to have the freedom they have always wanted. Thank you Nikken! 31:17 – Stream Audio


Hope for Those with MS - Being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease is frightening and can lead to much fear and even depression. Vickie Munoz knows this all too well. She suffered for years until she discovered these technologies. You too can help others and find hope by sharing Vickie's story with others. The new BodyBalance Weight Management Program is also discussed at the end of the call. 54:01 – Stream Audio


Vicki Munos tells her story of crashing with the effects or MS, and her remarkable recovery to wellness and health, and why it such a mission to help others recover too. 31:11 – Stream Audio


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