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Health Professionals share about Nikken.

Physical Therapist Jerry White shares with another Physical Therapist how he changes lives both physically and financially using Nikken's Products. 43:04 Stream Audio     Jerry tells lots of cool stories, how he found Nikken, the results he has seen, how lives have been changed. 32:03 – Stream Audio


Dr. Bob Purdy helps more diabetics today, than he did in his 30 years of practice as a Podiatrist. 46:00 – Stream Audio


Your Blood Never Lies. Author and nutrition expert Ted Aloisio explains why diabetics should never be without the Nikken Products. 3:58 – Stream Audio


Dr. John Jackson, MD - The Future of Medicine Webex Presentation. 57 min. – Stream Video by clicking on The Future of Medicine Webex Presentation Link


Dr. Robert Hottentot, an Orthopedic Surgeon, used the products in his practice for over 10 years. He discovered that people who used the products healed quicker and were not as apt to re-injure themselves. He also explains why smokers are slower to heal. 33:12 – Stream Audio


Emergency Room Doctor Dick Walker, MD talks "Off the Record" about how he has been able to help more people every day, while matching his income as a doctor with his very part time Nikken business. 57:35 – Stream Audio


Dr. Melaney Caldwell shares stories of children being able to eliminate their use of prescription medication for allergies, asthma, ADHD and chronic coughs. Since being introduced to Nikken five years ago she has developed a profound passion for helping those who have struggled while trying everything that Western medicine offered them. Results have been amazing. Melaney previously wrote over 600 prescriptions a month for her patients. Now she recommends these fantastic products instead. 40:52 – Stream Audio

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